“Cheat Keys, or Cheat codes, are used in video games when players advance their position during game play by manipulating the normal set of rules. 
These ‘tricks’ are usually in the form of non-standard control keys or typing in a specific phrase. Most single player games have some sort of hidden 
cheat keys where a player can become invincible; clear an entire stage; gain a valuable item; or use a secret set of skills.” 

 Any human being holds a ‘cheat code’ that offers mental tranquility, a source of power at any given time. This escape, whether physical or spiritual, 
is necessary for the anxiety and mental strain we often come across as social animals. As such, we instinctively search for the tailored method of ‘he
aling,’ only to realize that there exists an inescapable error. With a long-term goal in mind, this ongoing project started as I noticed this ‘oddness’ in 
human nature. These ‘cheat codes’ are mere acts of self-indulgence, a trickery committed as we all aim for our own utopian life style. It is an invisible 
battle that is concomitant to the wishful acts we commit in life. As humans we all aim for happiness, thus a ‘cheat code’ is already in effect. I just happ
en to fixate on the fallacy and covert nature of it.