I was often caught in my own imagination. I constructed worlds inspired by bits of reality and created narratives. 

Thus, the border between my reality and imagination started to blur. I was constantly building new objects for this imaginary world. 

I fell asleep just to keep dreaming. This came to a point where sometimes I could hardly distinguish both worlds.

 I would wake up and hurriedly write down the many happenings in these 'dreams'. 

There are people who suffer from failing to find new environments, new worlds - a new vision. One wonders, how they must have had their anxious eyes fixed in the wrong direction. 

I want to exist in a complete world. 

As we doubt the unknown future of reality, I grew certain of the way leading to the virtual one.  

I try to convey this 'certainty' in my work, and attempt to connect it with others.  

The 'Portal' series start as I aim to tell you - the story of the world we lost, and the world we are losing.