My Work is started by meddling between society and public. People, objects and scenes in my works are shown as fictional stories. Those stories seem some other person’s life or situation, and also fun but ironic. Actually there is no fiction in my works, because those are interpretation of all life forms. These life forms definitely exist, just not apparent on the surface. It’s not about the way to live. It’s about showing their lives honestly.

Politics, crime etc... Social issues and scenes from daily lives in my works are neglected in our own society. My works are not on the side of anyone, they criticize everyone including me. I’m trying to expose the stories that people want to hide from others. Some people feel like revolutionaries, and some feel uncomfortable. That makes my works to some kind of whistle-blowers. Indifferent pieces became my self-portrait, and also folk painting of our lives in this era.

Recently, I’m extending my works from drawing to other medias. It’s on the process evolution of drawings. I’am trying to find a way to make the whisper of discontents and insistence to louder voices. By doing so, I’m learning how to speak through my works.:)