Being first generation Mexican American I am looking into the bled of
the two cultures and the disparity between them. The border is the core of my
investigation; by traveling across the border I have become conscious of the
differences among both sides and duality within myself.  My identity has developed from a
synthesis of these two cultures, and my work explores these two fractions that
cannot be one without the other. 
This fusion is apparent in my self-portraits where I dress up with the
colors from both sides of the border. 
I take a personal look into understanding the history and identity of
each nation.  My performance works
explore the unfamiliar in recreating Mexican Folklorico dances and walking
along my body as border.  I create
a juxtaposition with these two identities that become one and explore the
social and cultural issues we face in the everyday.
Read about the project ‘Mexican American Sequence #1'