I’m a conceptual artists based in the South West. I work with appropriation, post-production, photography, collage, sound and video. Through my practice I explore ideas of sex, relationships and how we engage and respond to this. I utilise my own experiences and those of others to at first glance present half-truths, presenting the audience with a warped perception of who I am as a person. Often my work has humorous overtones, to enable the audience to connect with my work and release the often-overlooked melancholy elements of human nature and how we relate to one another.

Previously I have explored social anthropology and social identity through collaboration, which then moved on into performance as fake narrative. Artists that have influenced my work are performance groups such as VestAndPage, Rocio Boliver and Liz Aggiss. I am also really interested in Curatorial practice, through collaboratively curating exhibitions I have realised the importance of curation and the way we can link artist through a concept, which picks on their own practices. This practice has influenced my own work in the way that I choose to exhibit my pieces; this permits me to further strengthen its concept through the format the work is displayed.