My current artistic inquiry centers around deconstructing peripheral relationship between medium and message especially in relation to my own body. I am consciously thinking about my body and its dominant physical characteristics as a predicative gesture fixed in time and space. My recent projects have addressed this increasing appearance of the body with the hope of revealing its invisible identity by performing an autopsy on it! What I am referring to is actually a striking moment wherein the invisible message of identity transcends itself into the surface of visibility; liberated from the influence of physical appearance. There is a quality in that moment which coincides with loss; the loss of body/medium through the dissection and rearrangement of its part, or in another word, through re-presentation of the medium. My attempt is to further understand this reciprocity between the dissected medium and liberated message, by examining the relational encounter of the audience with the body through activating the space. What I am proposing is an interactive body of work that engages both the space and audience in order to mediate a lateral relationship between the ‘visible absence’ of the medium and the ‘invisible presence’ of the message, rather than a peripheral relationship between visible form and invisible content!

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