I produce events, installations, prints, books, and drawings that provide audiences and myself with space to consider complex ideas such as ownership of possessions and ownership over individual/collective thought and the prominent and evolving influence that consumer culture has over that process. I am curious to discover patterns in human thought and action, which inspired the interactive, bi-lingual performance "Certifying the Truth" and the subsequent artist book, "Everything is the truth." My expansive studio practice and public presentations are social, colorful, and inviting. I expect engaged viewers and see them as experts on everyday life, current trends and attitudes, and their own personal point of view. My work is feminist in so far that it refuses a definitive answer and values multiplicity, complicated narratives, and shifting perspectives. My best work is sticky, complicates gender narratives, and celebrates successes and failures alike. I inherited a frugality of resources from my family and an expectation of showmanship from growing up in America. Thus, these two forces struggle in my work, creating a tension that questions excess and satiation. Lastly, I believe that discussion is optimistic even if it revels larger societal problems; I believe that celebration of audience’s creativity, compassion, and humor is underused in contemporary art; and, absurdity can be wholly honest and play is good.