My engagement with historical images comes through several quarters. In my recent past the fascination was towards a reconstructed history where fragmentation played important role .The processes of alternation of real narratives paved way to individual tales. The perceptual frame work through which we accept history is important .It is an ever changing process which multiplies the scope of transformation .

The images that we identify as important archival document often lose its importance in certain public spaces. Ignorance towards several national histories allows one to alter reality into myth. In my recent body of works I consciously erase portions of history .For an average Indian identifying every national hero is problematic .

Thus each encounter with such archival image leaves behind several unresolved my stories. There were contents and contents which seldom appear to be UN disclosed and un recorded. It is our national instinct to interpret the available document in our own personal manner. Such possibilities of a new narrative are explored in my works. Fabricated incidents involve distortions. I believe every image lies at the disposal of the viewer. Thus the actual intension narrations are always at a risk of change.

My intension is to discover newer contexts of a given set of images. Thus I randomly choose to work with archive images where I omit portions through the physical act of tearing. Such torn portions are vital in my processes as they leave physical marks on the surface- a constant reminder of altered histories. Again at the sometime I construct my image through assemblage where one can identify fragmented histories drastic change in such manipulated images allows the viewer to interpret the narrative individually.