In my realizations I'm focusing on the addressee from whom I collect reactions. I examine the processes taking place in our daily lives, which are a representation of relations between an external and an internal world of an individual, as well as a way of their rooting in our minds. I collect information about the internal products of a human psyche from the imprinted contents of experience, which activate the conscious and unconscious content and schemes of a human functioning. Disease and its metaphors preoccupy the most part of my considerations. I analyze the level of health illiteracy, paying attention to its social causes and consequences. I consumed significant amount of drugs during the disease, and underwent two experimental therapy, constantly receiving wrong diagnosis. I like to touch viewers with my works, the most recent realizations lays on the ground, and are described with a legend in the form of neon. The dyes used in works, I'm obtaining from drugs and chemical reagents used in medical laboratories.