I am a student currently studying at the United World College of the Adriatic in northern Italy, finishing up my last year here and trying to capture as many moments and eat as much pesto as possible simultaneously. I have always loved art in almost any form since I could hold a crayon, but music, photography, and illustration have made their ways closest to my heart. Traveling, along with these forms of creativity, is by far my dearest passion, and is what brought me to do this project- the "Aam Admi" (Common working man) of India. After being 'commissioned' along with my Mother to help photograph for a book written by my demographer Uncle Ashish Bose about the immigrant workers in India, I found myself in a more intimate relationship with corners of India that are often completely glazed over. In that moment I lost my desire to ever visit countries for just their landmarks or beaten paths, which has also contributed to my philosophy of making an effort to see places from the eyes of locals rather than tourists.