I would describe my own work as an intensive mixture or various elements such as psychology, geography, environment, inter-cultural aspects etc. which, I believe, make it quite diverse yet still ascribe it my own unique perspectives based on different backgrounds and experiences I have gone through until today as being a young, curious traveler who is in a constant move catching glimpses of unusual moments, people and everything that is in connection with their inner and outer contents.

Traveling certainly plays an important role in developing my own style and characteristic and it greatly contributes in reaching towards fulfillment of my artistic ambitions. I enjoy myself discovering the world because new places are truly efficient sources of further inspiration and they extend my capacities as they broaden knowledge about oneself in influenced by various environments, cultures, people, situations and circumstances. In brief, in my photography one can find broad spectrum of emotions merged with functional/dysfunctional characteristics emphasizing individual and his/her various functions in the society and world.

However, I think intrapersonal issues are the ones that attract me the most as I am particularly interested in psychology. I like to explore different characters and personalities, even the ones who are considered to be „out of norm”. I am curious about how body and mind connects within an individual and also try to express this through my photography as I believe that this is a topic which can never be fully discovered and hides great potentials within it.