My interdisciplinary practice draws from the complexities of life, where I use industrial techniques & technology to conceive my sculptures. I work with Stainless Steel, Stone, Aluminium, Wood, Polyurethane & Resin, parallel to time based media where my body becomes the object . My practice is not statutory and is constantly experimented within the context I am working in, where choices & decisions either make or break the work thereby creating an open dialogue. I believe that the whole human journey has been about negotiation amongst fellow humans to be able to define - redefine how and what we value .

Being born in a lineage of traditional stone sculptors had a profound impact on my vigorous approach towards volume and space in my work. The rich heritage and culture of my Indian origin reappears graphically through my work as if a shadow from the past. I endeavour to create monumental public art works which will outlive my life and thereby stand as memoirs of the present. My work has been trying to find a balance between my training as sculptor and a designer which cohabit. While trying to answer the question of why I do what I do, I narrate the analogy of a mango seed which will grow to be a mango tree and any effort to personify it as a peach or apple tree, one might fail.

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