Feel. Pause. Continue. Pattern. Abnormal. Normal. Cycle. Chain. Continuous. Regular. Irregular. Flush. In and Out. Time. Flow. The never-ending journey, which moulds our lives, is what moulds our individual process of working. My works are based on the process of its making; where the process leads me to the concept of making the work. The journey is the destination itself. My deep rooted belief in this concept is the underlying foundation in each of my works. With the passage of time, actions and reactions play a major role in the ow of life, and it is those actions and reactions which lead us to our destination, in all perspectives of life. This thought is what inspires me to understand the particular phase of life and mind consciously and express it through the medium of art. All my ideas depend on the material in use and the space i have. These come first and with their indulgence, the idea develops. Observed and noted, my works form a chain; they tie a knot with my previous works and lead to my next work. Each work, and with it a part of me, lives with a hope to breathe forever.