Ramzi Abu-sway was born at Arttas Village/Bethlehem in 1984. Graduate from the Academy of International Contemporary Art. Lives in Ramallah. KHiO / Oslo National Academy Of The Arts Participated in a number of galleries in Bethlehem out of which was the peace center in 2005 and Dar Annadwa (ICB) | دار الندوة الدولية In 2006 about human rights . In solidarity with large arises in 2007, an exhibition was made. Joined the effort at the Occasion of Jerusalem of the Arabs capital of culture and arts. Joined a number of workshop to draw the writings of Mahmoud Darwish in Ramallah. Worked in a number of social organization locally. Worked as a teacher and a lecturer for a number of institutions. In Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron joined in painting 26 murals. And finally, joined the Academy of International Contemporary Art. Had a good input in the exhibitions like: Exhibition on violence against woman. 10000 to the city of Jericho. Joined gallery with water authority in Ramallah cultural palace in 2010. Abdelmohsen Qattan Institution exhibition. A workshop and exhibition in Norway " If inside, to get out-if outside to gut in"-2011. A workshop with the forum Youth lebanese Palestinian-lebanon. Participation in the art gallery in unconventional places - Egypt