The work of visual artist Valerie Wolf Gang (1990) focuses on video and contemporary artistic practices. Her work reflects social conflicts arising from political regulations and constraints, especially when traveling or working abroad. When moving in space and time she animates the dead surroundings with her camera as suggested in the writings about speed by the contemporary philosopher Paul Virilo. Her works underscores the contrasts between nature and city, happiness and sadness, authority and freedom. She graduated from Ljubljana School of Design and Photography, then obtained a bachelor’s degree from School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica in Digital art and Practice with focus on video film and continued her studies on MA Media Art and Practice master program in video and contemporary art. She improved her theoretical and practical knowledge at the FAMU film academy in Prague and art academy ESAD in Portugal. She regularly works with different media and creates multimedia installations to be presented in various galleries. Her videos and short films have been featured, nominated and awarded at various festivals and cinema theaters. She works as a freelance video artist, a status granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. She is actively involved in different forms of artistic production, video and film projects, international exhibition selections and artistic residencies.

“The world around me is my theater and I always observe the play with lots of focus and alertness. I’m very much fond of details, I see what everyday people don't and I'm fascinated by small everyday events that influence our life. After I observe them I process everything and let myself be inspired and just let go. I take my camera and capture what I see, feel and dream. I create works that come from my heart and I try to speak to people through them. I always want to help those who are innocent, powerless or manipulated and let them know they're not alone. Art is a strong media that can change the world so I use it with care and respect. When you look at my works, you can always see part of me and my hidden thoughts. They're coming out in subtle ways that only a keen observer can notice. Look closer and you will see through me: there's a new world.” - Valérie Wolf Gang

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