I am a multidisciplinary artist from Watts, Los Angeles, who earned a B.A. in Practice of Art from U.C. Berkeley in 2014. Ranging from media like acrylic paint to found objects, my artworks vary based on my everyday inspirations and my mood at the time that I am creating.

Many of my works are inspired by, or related to, music, because it conveys such emotions and experiences that I really relate to. Through my work, I seek to visually reflect musical artists' messages or essence as a fan of their accomplishments. I have created works of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, referenced Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in my works, and even made a self-portrait of the many musical icons who I felt influenced by back in 2013.

Other works I have made are related to my culture, roots, memories, interests, and personal experiences. I have always felt drawn to creating skulls and skeletons, like those made for Day of the Dead, because I find it very inspiring, that in our Mexican tradition, even after death, we are eternal. I also take from this the idea of living life to the fullest, because we are only physically on this earth for a limited time, and my works are meant to be a reminder of that.

One of my favorite topics to create on that I hope to expand on in the near future is ‘the brain’. I find it so fascinating, and upon exploring it during school in 2013, and taking a Quantum Consciousness class, I know that I have a lot to create.
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