Creating art has always been the means through which I build, define and explore my own identity. Growing up and experiencing the world outside of the paradigms of the traditional American lifestyle has influenced the way I perceive our society and culture. Because of my outside perspective of standard culture I objectively interpret how we, as a human race, affect our world and how we effect each other. Through artwork I have found a way to define and make sense of my place in the world and to use the tools of my imagination and the work of my hands to make a positive social change. Since creating and teaching a class with Dmitri Zurita on residencies and artists resources at UC Santa Cruz, I intend on participating in several residency programs, and will be enrolling in an MFA program within the next 5 years. I am currently engaged with ideas relating to the feminine, and exploring my role as a female artist living within American society by analyzing traditional female roles in art, culture and society.