My artwork takes a critical view on the narration of time and its effects and it explores the human body as a manifestation of nature and universe .With influences of Vladimir Veličković and David Altmejd's bodies and studying the triptych Nature -Human-Genesis I want to state human has with its own nature .I implement time in my work as both a tool and an idea so it attains temporal qualities as it experiences change and fluctuation.Having engaged subjects as disintegration and existentialism my work reproduces familiar visual stimuli such as the temporary nature and distortion of the human image transforming artwork to a memento mori.
The iron rusts being free in nature just like a human ages .Landscapes seek resemblance with lying bodies reminding us that human and nature has the same design.While I use a variety of mediums in each project the methodology is the same :
I travel from one medium to another citating a continuity among the projects.The subject defines the medium and the “Landscapes” as well as the “Bonescapes” serve as storyboards viewed under the microscope.As my main materials I use plaster and iron,Oxidated or not .And I use them with a purpose on creating flesh and bones through minerals and resembling the process of aging through oxidization.I let the time narrate its own process and let the ''Landscape'' reach both Zenith and Nadir at the same time.Seeing something as it matures, you can accept more easily the passage of time.

''Given sufficient time, oxygen, and water, any iron mass will eventually convert entirely to rust and disintegrate''

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