I am a multi-media artist with a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. I primarily work in performance art and photography. I regularly perform in and around the DC area either through organizations such as Aether Art Projects and Animals&Fire. I also work independently for some performances done in public as a gesture of activism for women’s rights. I am developing work for various drawing, sewing, and infograffing projects as well as performance. Each medium revolves around a web of connecting strings that pull in various ways on the certain dichotomies that surround us. The moments of intimacy vs. complacency, chaos vs. patterns, personal identity vs. societal creation, beliefs vs. doubts, design vs. function and most importantly reality vs. reverie. Many of my photographic works pay tribute to my work mindset of cataloguing and preserving for posterity’s sake. This is especially evident in my ongoing work of creation, Planet Advivon where it is a life goal to preserve a certain collection of creatures to forever be observed. And that has always been my goal as a photographer. To observe and have my observations forever observed, conserved, and appreciated.

Take a look at the series ’Textured Travels'