I am Asmaa Elmongi, an Egyptian visual artist, former curator, and art instructor who graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, in 2012. I am a masters' student in the field of Painting and History of Art. I participated in several international and regional events, workshops and exhibitions since 2004 till date. Currently, I am living in the United Arab Emirates.

My artworks theme is about the deterioration of human ethics and the brutal acts around the world.
I express that through a combination of distorted anatomical parts (bones and muscles) of human body with other animal body forms. In addition, I integrate with them parts of machine hoses and sometimes bullets tape of submachine guns.

My artistic process includes the use of several materials and art media; fabric dyes, Pastel, acrylic, water colors and charcoal.
In addition, I work initially on Video Art depending on the theme, the technique needed for the artwork, the way of presenting it and its components.

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