Asmaa Elmongi: visual artist, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department in 2012. A master student in the field of Painting and History of Art, 2014-2015. Occupies an administrative position at the "International Relations and Scholarships Unit (IRU)", Faculty of Fine Arts. Participated in several international and regional events, workshops and exhibitions since 2004 till now.

My artworks theme is about the deterioration of human ethics and the brutal acts around the world.
I express that through a combination of distorted anatomical parts (bones and muscles) of human body with other animal body forms. In addition, I integrate with them parts of machine hoses and sometimes bullets tape of submachine guns.
My artistic process includes the use of several materials and art media; fabric dyes, Pastel, acrylic, water colors and charcoal.
In addition, I work initially on Video Art depending on the theme, the technique needed for the artwork, the way of presenting it and its components.

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