In my work I deal with several subject matters such as climate catastrophe, racism, religious intolerance and coercion of faith. Religious coercion typically talks about compulsion, force or power exercised by the state or by other organizations. There is no doubt that religious coercion may be exerted by non-state actors and could be more atrocious if also authorized by the state, working hand and glove with misguided religious organizations.
In my recent works I mostly portray the cartoon animal ’’Scrat’’ on my canvas as I am overwhelm by his character. He strongly resembles inherent human qualities such as love, peace, violence, ambition, greed for fame, superiority chauvinism, selfishness and power, at such a high of degree that he could divide into so many sub-categories of human.
My choice of applying multiple layers of domestic building materials on canvas correlates with the history of human civilizations. I paint on the layers the subject of contemporary narratives, which helps to reroute and also dig out the past by using techniques of ripping off multiple layers with tools. This merges the past and present and brings them up, together, as one surface that influence and communicate with one another.

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