I know it’s difficult to survive as an Artist, but less so than to survive without it. I chose to be in this field because this is what I was meant to be, at least I feel. I really don’t want to waste my life doing something else other than art. The hunger for art is realised due to my tendency to express my own vision. Able to draw a perfect circle, even when I was just a few years old, I felt my hand was very much in control of my mind.

My presence on this earth inspires me to express myself and art is the most expressive medium in my view. Another important reason is the ‘Freedom’ that I receive form it, and that our society lacks. If I try to describe myself in one sentence, ‘‘I am a soul trapped in the huge real world, feels absolutely free within the space of a little canvas.’’

Being part of this society, I feel a responsibility towards it to share my point of view. No one can see the world the way that I do. That is the uniqueness every soul has within. There is nothing new and amazing in this world. The world looks amazing because we see it in such a way. Our view leads to our vision. The ability to share our vision is ‘art’ and this is what I am always fascinated with.

I have practiced visual arts in painting for last four years, experimenting and playing in many mediums and techniques. I have greatly enjoyed the several opportunities and experiences with wall murals. The Medium does not matter if one is comfortable in expressing the core thought. Exploring myself through different art medium like walls, found objects,canvases etc

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