Yashika Sugandh, born in Kolkata, India is an artist who prefers to work in oil and acrylic medium.
Her works describes the contradictions in Indian society, the duality of life and living,isolation and belonging, of accord and discord with strong symbols. It is very important to her as an artist to react pragmatically to this societal struggle that surround her. Her works describes the sensitivity towards the social resistance along with reflections from her past.The current body of work is an assertive reaction to a staunch patriarchal vision. Every painting to her is like an armour to aid, to protect from injuries, to heal the
wound made by life, and by the past done to self. Her images are a byproduct of her thoughts and emotions, her observations, beliefs, values and vast compilation of past experiences. Painting to her is like an aid to heal those injuries and nourishes the spirit to fight. It helps to hold on to her experiences and being alert.
Through her artworks, she portrays strong women figures woven together, with motifs drawn from her immediate surroundings, be it nature, animals or even mundane objects that makes an impact on her in a complete subconscious context. Drawing a similarity between the two, their innocent nature as well as the harsh realities they face daily, she portrays women through the prism of her personal experience by also empathizing with their day-to-day realities. It became a method, as she perceived it in retrospect, of connecting all dots that gave meaning to her psychological realm.
Instead of using dark and dull shades, she juxtaposes emotions with colors. she chooses to bring forward her experiences out of the shadows, the harsh realities of life with a bright color palette.

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