My art practice is reflections of the society around me. The works are rather
emotional than objective.
Standing in front of a large ocean, a man becomes silent, numb. For me, standing in
front of so much of unrest of the society, I sometimes become so scared. I started questioning
of my own existence. I want to escape from the burning anxieties inside me. Black, in different
tones, I use in my pictures, as the metaphors of my anxiety.
The transparency is a very important part of my picture, as it makes the works subtle
as well as vulnerable. Thus In my work, the treatment, color, support etc. cumulatively create a
narrative of its own. A narrative of my emotion, my insecured self, my uncertainty of existence.
In my work, I have used my writings, I believe that these are very much an integral part of the
works, as it talks about my private self and thus makes my pictures more intense, more real,
more close to myself that tells many untold stories of me, about me.
I also like some sort of ambiguity in my art practice because in reality you can see
a thing but you don’t know this thing or this situation can make many more angles which are
totally unknown to us. So, I’m dealing with some ambiguity or little bit of dark humor in create
my work.
Let the question arise in people’s minds. I want people to be aware of their own
existence and experience. To me, there is no such thing as a definite outcome of Art practice,
and it is neither the demand nor the need for my Art practice.
In my work personal tragedy is often inseparable from societal oppression, are
equally fluid. And in this way, my personal feelings are being documented in my works.