My work is about genealogical and personal examination of Tulamba where I was born, my hometown located in southern Punjab, Pakistan. This engages in discussions relating to how we interpret a space within its context and how context itself builds sometimes out of the “syntax”. It also discusses how structures functions interpret while we are in the process of Flaneur, thus stressing the importance of other meanings.
The main aim is to present an idea of walking as a form of creation, or an illusionary space which defines the real space, therefore paving way for new and sometimes opposite interpretations of the same space.
My interest of wandering pushes me to explore and investigate socio-political and cultural aspects of space (Tulamba) through my art practice. I am engaging or holding the space with my practice, and trying to find connections with it through my own experience. It is in relation to “space” “historical significance” “current global values” as well as its connection with another world. Alongside, I also try to figure out the “sense of self” and “sense of space”, both esthetically as well as the connection between space and time.
The aim of my art practice with research remains to be psycho geographical, while spiritual element has shifted from memory to symbols.
Intricate, repetitive and various kinds of lines, symbols, patterns, surveying and excavation plans are executed layer by layer so to recognize the historical significance of particular space (Tulamba).

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