I usually work with various unconventional and media, and my subjects keep changing. I cannot work in single medium for a long period of time. The reasons behind this relates to the never ending changes of my surroundings and the perpetual change in the flow of nature.
Some of my subjects are based on dystopian visions of the world, the Wars and Annihilated scenes. The current sociopolitical scenario compels me to question the system in which we live, with an apparent unrealized democracy where we are but mere puppets in the hands of powerful people. The unbalance power of politicians and the bureaucrats within and between countries create wars and trauma, and the innocent people and children becomes the victim.
People are restlessly destroying, and simultaneously constructing our present on the rubbles of a dilapidated past.
These issues and preoccupations somehow make way into my works where I take them and further explore experimentally with different mediums and processes.
Though my works are loaded with bigger issues that encompass my identity as a global being, I am not only trying to address the socio-political anomaly around my everyday life, but to strongly mobilise my artistry to identify these stories of injustice as a continuum of historical facts of wars and walls.
Sadness, suffering, and anguish, which are the quintessential bearing of our society, be it local or global, compel me to create my work. Eventually these issues have given my work an expressionistic turn, though at times they become eclectic.
I have used materials such as Nepali handmade papers, old books, torn clothes, canvases, mount boards, digital paper prints, acrylic gloss gel for transferring images, different colored inks , acrylics colors, rejected objects/ tools, etc. Usually the choice in the use of these materials is unconscious, allowing accidents which result in unexpected forms otherwise unseen.
Currently my surrounding materials/objects are directly becoming the subject of my works. Useless, rusted, rejected objects lying around my everyday surrounding: I find them mysterious and wonder at their unknown stories. Things such as easily breakable, rejected woods, tin trunk, etc., generally used by middle class people, stand symbolically: a trunk is not only a trunk, but a movable home , we used it to carry our materials in it, whenever and wherever we moved, for some there is no moving without it.

Take a look at the series ‘Dystopian Visions'