The main theme of my artistic creations is LONELINESS.

In the present society, everything is surrounded by vibrance and jubilance, and everyone indulges in this apparently busy lifestyle. But actually at the end of every day every human being is somehow lonely, in spite of being amidst a busy daily schedule. This loneliness mixed with nature’s beauty is the idea of my painting. Something which is missing in nature, something which has created a decline in the society, something that is called loneliness in human life - these are the things I try to find in my creations. In some place presence of one person, absence of human life amidst pleasant natural beauty, using human as a symbol, although its presence is not there - these are few of my ways for expressing loneliness.

Again the absence of humanity and emotions n the present industrial world is another way for expressing my loneliness. Apart from these, I have also intended to invent certain innovative and expressive ways. In my still life studies I have tried to create an effect of light and darkness, trying to bring up the inner character of the different non-living objects. I have applied colours and the effect of light in a flat tone, which has led to something unusual in my work.

I have used different mediums, and the most important for me is mixed media. I use a wide range of colours and materials, which make my creations a bit different from present art forms and have a unique appeal.

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