My work is an investigation into the ever changing and evolving states of the individual. Informing my work are areas varying from the psychological, spiritual and physiological. My work is a means of processing and evaluating my ideas and my lived experience to gain a deeper understanding of the self and human nature on a whole.

I aim to capture the wealth of human experience from extreme highs to lows, from feelings of oneness to disconnection. There is a tension and energy apparent in my work as I explore this fluctuation between states of being.

I am interested in the theory held by psychologists such as by Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow in that there is a basic human desire by all people to try and reach their potential and move towards individuation. In juxtaposition, however one deals with self-imposed limitations, inhibitions and self-destructive tendencies that are often stifling to growth. My works explores this dichotomy and the push/pull force this can have on the individual.

The relationship between the body and the mind, the self and the outer world and how they affect one another or work in union is imbedded in my practice. A blurring of lines between these entities is conveyed, suggesting that that are not separate but inextricably linked. Symbolic and cosmic associations are scattered throughout the work provoking the viewer to make their own connections.

I use a variation of mediums and processes to transform inner experience and assimilation of ideas into an expressive language. My use of materials are chosen for their direct, physical and cathartic characteristics and are worked with in an intuitive yet considered manner.