As a child growing up in a middle class bengali family, I had learnt to love stories, listening to stories, reading stories, telling stories and enacting them. Books and animes and movies were an integral part of my daily life, was so often scolded for so too. I would always write stories in exams under essays without reading anything else, for it was a different experience altogether. I would literally be getting marks for sitting in an examination and dreaming and writing all that was in my mind, no hard terms that were memorized and needed precise recalling and that needed to be penned down.

It has shaped me into who I am today.

I got my first camera at the age of seven a kodak kb10 and that was the beginning of my photographic adventures, I would document my daily life, won’t say the images were something to marvel at in awe but they were memories I cherished and slowly I got into documenting things and my love for stories grew and adapted through the changing medium.

I adopted both photography and videography as my mediums and it always is a collaboration of them both that I use to express myself, tell the stories that I hear from different people and different locations. I love communicating with different people and over the years I have met so many interesting and beautiful individuals, I feel truly blessed. I have volunteered in NGOs and have worked with them to tell their stories and after every project the experience has been the same, they all become a part of me, my family.

Take a look at the series ‘Dreamers'