I grew up in a remote village of Burdwan (West Bangal) . As I grew up I observed the slum areas that surround our village and after that for whilst in Kolkata. This low level dwelling place has a kind of united homogeneous environment which possesses an innate sense of insecurity in itself. The people over here uses tiles, plastics or flex, etc. for the purpose of covering their ceiling and on the other hand, the higher and secured class people lives in the flats of buildings. These two opposite sides have touched me continuously.

My works are based on slum which is an interesting subject to me. In my works I explore social context, as well as regular life and incidents of slums. Those elements come with an impression of my perception of my surroundings. I try to understand and feel the human relation in our society and the funny painful reality that underlies in the human destiny. As the whole society often looks too ludicrous to be truth.

To me the ongoing lunacy in the society and indocile human behavior is an unending source of inspiration for my pictorial exposition.