My practice of image-making is deeply rooted in human interactions with the materialized society. Trained as a sculptor, I am interested in exploring materials and the way they transform into objects. Based on my experiences, I believe ‘objects’ are a result of our concerns, and the human urge to express gives it the idea of an entity. The moment we try to establish our thoughts or imaginations in the real world through a material, we objectify it into a new form of reality. American thinker, Charles Sanders Peirce describes an ‘object’ as “anything that we can think or talk about.” In harmony with this idea, I perceive an ‘object’ through its cycle of transformations. This transforming nature of elements and thoughts around us is reflected inherently in human society's practices, which provokes me to construct an intellectual dialogue through my visual language.

While working extensively with paper mache, the process of its making allows me to introspect on this idea of transformation. This historically significant material has evidenced continuous changes in its journey from the craft workshops to the global market. A thorough understanding of this medium made me realize the characteristic & transforming qualities of paper, to which I can resonate by drawing parallels between paper mache and my image-making. The practice of drawing has also been an inherent part of my work. It helps me in giving a solid formation to my thought process & cultivate my ideas.