I remember when i was young my mum always told me what a great artist I was, she always kept my little cards and notes I made. Grew up in poverty and never had the opportunity to help my parent's get out of this situation.

We spent days without food until one day i couldn't take it anymore because my little sister was hungry and kept crying and mum wasn't eating and was getting worse health-wise. I remember this day clearly. I woke up and asked mum if there wasn't a way for me to get paper and pencils. Mum went to the local library and got A3 coloring pages for my sister to color. She came home and gave me this stack of pages with coloring on it. I took the pages and drew on the back of them.

Through out my life I knew I could do anything I want, especially drawing because I always sketched everywhere and this gave me inspiration. I took and old photo and drew it as my interpretation, that's how poverty pushed me into the path of art.

I love art and intend to become famous using my art as a weapon to show the youth out there that nothing is impossible. I don't drink or do drugs, art is my addiction. I'm possessed by making my dream of using my hands to create art on the biggest canvas of life a reality. I can draw, paint and use any medium. I wish I owned art supplies to make even better masterpieces.

Art has fed my family and has given us hope in the storm of life. I cant afford a phone or technology or a camera for myself so my mum uses her only phone to get me recognized.

I intend on going one step further to show the youth that u can become more than one thing in life. I also want to sing and play music and can do it quite well. One day ill be able to afford to buy myself equipment to sing and enough art supplies so that I do not have to ask for used brushes etc.

Today I can't see my life without art, I feel the emotions in my work and want to make the world know that being a human and going through problems isn't a reason not to try.

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