Arpita Akhanda’s works are a series of performance, installation and video pieces which used her own body as a site for exploring the fragility and strength of the human condition under stress of our contemporary society and their conflicts. She is presently engaged in an inter-media dialogue along body, process and interactivity. Exploring body as a multifaceted encounter of memory and physical encounter of past and present. By engaging her with different social situations and issues and translating them into multi sensory interactive experiences. In her work she narrates important political sentiments and a poetically charged oeuvre where the medium becomes the metaphor. In her works she explores and expresses the agonies of war, human rights violations in an interactive and often provocative way. By engaging the viewer making them walk through her work, dismantling it or sensing multiple objects or listening in a dark room laden with red moon light she has tried to hit a melancholic cord. She is evoking us to listen to these unheard or ignored stories and trying to bring back of what is being forgotten.

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