I came from a small village named Mihijam, which belongs to a part of Chotanagpur plateau.
In my works I want to create the character of the Rurh region as well as vastness of landscape. I studied the high and low land , surface of boulders and form of landscape . The vast rural scape unsullied by vertical growth had been a part of this vision / memory with artists like Binodhbehari mukherjee and the southern sungs landscapes holding sway imagination. Of late this vision has deflated by various markers of growth and unsustainable development their solitary presence making this irony all the more event.
In my works I share my experience through the different regions. After travelling different places I experience the new type of landscapes. Then I create my works with the elements which provokes me. By memorizing those elements I create an image of that region. Where I saw the transformation or sometimes I used as the fragments and then I imagine the whole landscape from different views. I also want to express the vastness of landscape in my works. After visiting that place I started to realize the vastness of landscape and its sound. And also thought about the human creation are very small in front of nature.
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