Drawing figuratively through abstract expressionism and improvised mark making techniques, I work with charcoal, pastel, ink and acrylic on paper/canvas. My body of work revolves on the axis of 'Systematic Theology', endeavouring to offer a scriptural view on the manifold propositions of the Christian philosophy of life, mainly in the context of education, by means of merging micropoetic text and portraiture - viz. through a reformed approach of disegno studies, yet encompassed by German renaissance. My fine arts take the residents of Limpopo province and the body of Christ at large as my subjects. The practice of my artistry is of chief end to render service in two aspects, one, to serve the Triune God of the bible in proclaiming salvation by the grace of Jesus Christ freely offered in the Gospel. And two, to serve my community – where I live, where I’m based and yond, by creating and providing artworks that exude for the temporal and eternal good of people.

Along these services, or essentially within them, I believe is my self-defined call which is to advocate and entreat for missions and a free liberal arts education here in the Limpopo province, of South Africa. Therefore this is persistently inevitable in the series of artworks that I’ve previously produced, recently producing, and also in those that I seek to produce in a variety while exploring topical present day academic issues of discussion. Notwithstanding, the manifest theological aesthetic principles of simplicity, proportionality, complexity and harmony of creative traits applied therewith.