Jamil is a Zambian/Italian Artist who works with a wide range of subjects and specialises in acrylic as well as digital media. He takes a keen interest in
Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography and Fine art.
Jamil creates work that responds to the world in which he lives in. As a visual artist and designer, he takes responsibility to react to the outside world as well as his
personal life through his work. His passion for art is evident through many of his creations.
He draws from his personal experiences as well as experiences from the people around him, which enables him to connect strongly to his emotions in order for him to create alluring poignant pieces. He often experiments with colour as well as suggestive lines and symbols in his images.
Jamil strives to produce artwork that targets people from all walks of life, and each piece captures an array of emotions, many viewers may find relatable.
Jamil has had a chance to exhibit in several exhibitions such as “The make a mark exhibition” (hosted and curated by 37d Gallery), “The affordable art exhibition” (hosted and curated by Betty Wilkinson) as well as the “Tcefrep Noitcefrepmi Exhibition” (held at the national museum)
Jamil is also a part of The Artist's collective which comprises of six outstanding upcoming artists.