I am Gopa Roy, born & brought up in Tripura. Primary influence of my work is the local landscape, harmonization of multi-cultural identities and the craft of the native peoples of this place. During my MFA (Masters of Fine Art), I started to explore and experimenting with the process of paper making from natural fiber like, bamboo leaves, banana leaves, canes etc. The sub-urban landscape of Santiniketan and Birbhum inspired me to develop the process of cartography on a basis of experience and visual memories. I prefer organic materials as a medium to express the form of landscape. Being far away from home, the process brings back memories of my village, paddy fields, playground, school days and day to day activities. Landscape always knocks my space within to create the metaphor of connections through maps and roads. The rhythm of lines in maps and roads is an curious journey of life that leads me back to home.

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