Art for me, I’m sure much like other people, has been both an escape and home; but above all else a form of expression.
I have always been fascinated by the human anatomy. How our bodies function, how we could be made up of so many different components and be so beautiful. My focus is mainly on the female body and I have often been asked why. My answer was always “Because it is the body I know best.” But as time passed I realized there is more to it. From the very start nudity, particularly the female body has been sexualized and objectified.

We have been made to feel ashamed for having all sorts of body types and body shapes. At some point we are even taught to be ashamed of our own anatomy; it is only recently that women speak freely about issues like menstruation. And God forbid a woman shows a nipple, either to breastfeed or because she simply chooses to, without being called out for it. This has led to the pardoning of crimes like sexual assault notably rape.

The role of my art is to bring to attention the fact that nudity isn’t inherently sexual; it is a pretty natural state.
“We are all born naked, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood”