Through connecting different media such as photography and sculpture, my work reveals connections between human beings and our environment. I achieve this by carefully selecting people I work with to create an environment that visualizes their internal connections to their surroundings. I combine opposite concepts like fragility and vulnerability, or strength and power, to draw attention to perhaps challenging internal processes and feelings. I often achieve this by contrasting and interchanging the animate and inanimate. Staged settings, precise movements or physical actions help display the tension between these contraries.

I choose to work in a series with each subject to create “allegoric threads“ that, at first, are beautiful, but also deeply symbolic and meaningful. By adding situation-based clothing or surreal props, a fantastical twist can often be found in the narratives. Through them I ask questions about leaving childhood, coming of age, and what it means to find one’s place within our society. Layering all of these steps, the imagery thus becomes a transcript of a personal story between someone and something.

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