Hailing from a small town of Sikkim, India.

Being a self taught artist, currently my works are experimental, working on different themes and mediums. My most works are based on the ethnicity, cultural assimilation and more.

I seek to explore the profound and the ordinary, the visible and the hidden, through the multiple mediums. My work is a reflection of my fascination with the interplay of light, color, and texture, and how these elements can evoke emotions and provoke contemplation.

In my creative process, I draw inspiration from the world around me - from the beauty of nature's landscapes, the cultures, to the complexities of human emotions. I believe that art has the power to transcend language and connect us on a deeper level, and I strive to create pieces that resonate with viewers on a personal and universal level.

Through my art, I aim to capture moments of beauty and significance, inviting the audience to pause and appreciate the often-overlooked details of life. My hope is that my work sparks contemplation, encourages self-reflection, and fosters a sense of wonder in those who engage with it.

Ultimately, I see my art as a journey of self-discovery and a means of sharing my perspective with the world. I invite you to join me on this artistic journey and explore the stories and emotions that unfold within each of my creations.

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