I am Susweta Bhattacharya. A practicing visual artist based in Calcutta and Delhi. I make paintings, drawings, mixed media artworks and conceptual artworks. I have chosen the subject matter of my painting from our present daily lives and my paintings demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a story about the effects of global cultural interaction. The confinement due to our own misdeeds in our comfort zone. There are only death, hunger, famine around us. An invisible evil shade has spreader over our lives. The lifeline thread of us is now in its control. My works establish a dialogue between the reality of our lives and the imagination of the onlookers. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence. By
parodying mass media and by exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to contemporary society. I create works that can be seen as self-portraits. Sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times they are seemed to be typical. My current projects are the showcase of the simple fact of life that (according to me)as long as you will be sitting within your comfort zone, your growth will be stopped as you are lacking your mobility. The only two weapons we have today are our mental strength and the utmost trust upon the almighty. I wish through my current artwork I can bring back the bygone era of (not only)the hustle and bustle, but the
clam too.