Over the past years my interests have been growing more towards people who are studying the consciousness and call themselves consciousness researchers.
Myself I’m coming from an artistic and technological background by that I mean, I’ve always been interested by using technology to create art with. I’ve studied cinema, but would consider myself more likely to be a Jack of all trades, as I also wanted to play more with other disciplines such as music making, painting, architecture and installation art for the sake of my curiosity and never ending hunger for media to expand and invent new languages with. In all of these disciplines I had managed to use technology as a tool to create an artistic language with. Artists are at the foundation of language and art defines the language of tomorrow, language is a complex structure that we as humans will always use but we cannot forget it’s still very limited to define reality with mere words.

Although I came to the conclusion that for many people today, technology forms a boundary to expand consciousness, and rather becomes a barrier in between recognizing their real desires, dreams and states of mind.
With the rise of smartphones, social media and the internet it’s a hard time taking a brief moment of silence, and connect with what so many mystics, psychics, spiritual and religious people call the inner voice. It feels like we’re still in the babyshoes of the era of a virtual technology, and we’re trending more likely to become a species interconnected with all kinds of devices, and tools.
In fact we already are connected with our new sibling A I.
Many people seem to be afraid of the potential future A I might bring, I won’t say that the worries are born in a misunderstanding, it’s more likely to say that worries won’t help and it’s a matter of adapting the right attitude to work with technology, and to understand that potent forces and powers lie behind our technological creations whom in any case if abused can harm society and nature. But in a less destructive point of view, we can also transform those powers in order to aid society and nature for the benefit of mankind.

Aside of the technological interest, I also am interested but try to remain healthily skeptical by transcendental meditation, tibetan magic, zen-studies, psychedelic research, shamanism, esoterics and the mystery in general. I’m fascinated by people like Alan Watts, Terrence Mckenna, Timothy Leary, John C Lilly, Carl Jung, Jonathan Zap, Stephan A Hoeller and have been digging deeply into their thoughts, writings, lectures and conversations.
I’m trying to combine those two different domains of my interests and be the bridge in between them, in order to create technology that will aid the development of consciousness for humankind.