The physical, the palpable, the “beyond virtual” in art making - not because I root against progress, but because I tribute ancient techniques and old-school crafts which would otherwise go forgotten.

The collective, the shared - not because I don’t see art as a self-exploratory, very intimate form of expression, but because I believe we live in times where global social and political concerns need to be tackled with consciousness, sensibility, and humour: the way only art can do.

The demand, the urgency, the untamed emotion - not because I am against reflection and intellect, but because I don’t believe in cynicism without a stance and critique without a

The memorial, the historical conscience - not because the future isn’t bright (although it does sometimes appear to be only bright-ish, at most) but because the past represents experience and generational knowledge transmission.

The organic, the superlative, the roots - not because I do not admire mankind’s
achievements, but because nature’s language (the way stars have been dying and being born long before we came to be) is more powerful and immediate than anything we could ever express in words.

The anchoring, the cocoon - because in spite of believing that great things in art come from pushing the limits of comfort, I don’t think one could pursue this career without shaping it to be a home, an unconditional love and acceptance type of relationship.

The simplicity, the humbleness, that which goes beyond self-promotion - not so much
because I’m against the circulation of money in art, but because I believe the system often
promotes and favours those who know how to aggressively seize an opportunity over those who have a genuine talent. What would the artworld be like with less competition and more empathy?

The questioning, the ever-lasting exploration - because curiosity killed the artist, but it sure gave him a purpose and reason to live for before it did.