Xingweiai Fang, a 25 year old student acquiring a postgraduate degree, now studies Design and Visual Art at the Australian National University. Immersed in the ambience of Art Education for almost two decades, Xingweiai has been formulating his artistic language, resourcing from academic cultivation, the understanding of daily life and his experience living in different countries.

During his time in universities, he received basic knowledge of visual art- in terms of theoretical and technical studies. This includes his attempts on the research of conventional sketching, mix media painting resourcing from recyclable materials, creative code, and collaborative art. Returning to being an ordinary person, he ditched playing the role of acting as an artist. Contrastingly, he observes any moment of daily life and adapts it in his visual language. In doing this, he believes that his art is able to resonate with a general audience. Also, thanks to his international background, his works are comprised of much readable details that fuse different art cultures around the world: such as traditional Chinese painting, German Expressionist art, Japanese Surrealist art, etc.

Xingweiai claims that his artwork should be able to communicate with his audience without any obstacles. The genuine and innocent attitude of his paintings is crucial in achieving this goal. Together with sincere longing, a sense of being touched is another feeling that he wants to convey to the audience. He regards each of his works as a medium through which he critically reflects on himself and contemplates the duty of an upcoming artist- not only retelling the story of the contemporary world, but also conveying a positive signal to his artwork ‘readers.’