Kripa Radhakrishnan's artworks are often associated with spirituality and social issues. A firm believer in gender equality, she discusses the struggle about the unknown hardships of being a woman. She seek to represent a woman’s struggle, to establish her existence in a male-dominated society by drawing from her journey as a woman. One of her recent art works from ''STRUGGLE'' series is "The Unheard Voice," exhibited in Manhattan, New York City, a collaboration of 3D sculpture, sound art, and performance art.
Kripa intend to showcase her artworks to a diverse range of people around the world and not limit it to an Indian audience. In connection with generalizing the subject she eliminates caste, religion, and cultural identity in the physical appearances of the figures. Each figures in her artworks is visualized and influenced from a personal narration/voice in a piece of paper and later executed in a bigger canvas.