My education is closely related to applied arts (MA in Scenography and Costume Design at The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow / Poland, partly on an international exchanges: in Textile and Fashion Design at The University of Ljubljana / Slovenia and at The University of Arts Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade / Serbia; Graphic Design graduation diploma at The Norwid Secondary School of Fine Arts in Lublin). Theatrical performance, film etc. are a joint work of many creators whose cooperation has a direct impact on the final result, which causes that the stage design is not an isolated art. As a result, many of my projects are collaborative or interdisciplinary.

I come from an unprivileged family, so the problems that affect me are often problems that are not talked about much. I try very shyly to talk about them aloud, a little taming the shame. I return to artistic activity again – this time trying my own ways, on the border of various arts, looking for topics and ways of expression that are close to me. I am talking about the experience of being brought up in the violent practices of the Catholic Church and departing from faith, about censorship and difficulties in social media, about coming to terms with your own body and complexes, about socio-political problems and feminism. Documenting my work and activities, I am also looking for my own style in photography.

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