My current works see me translating my imagination on canvas in abstract forms which lie on same surface with altogether different connotations. Which I believe cannot be described in words. The forms I see around me may be sunrise or sunset, it appears to me just as form and not the understanding attached to it. Every the sun appears like Turner’s seascape to me and a vague imagination of the battle in the sea. The lyrical forms in the painting are like jingle of the baby in a sea, I see them crawling reflecting with different perspective on my canvas. It gives me the essence of children’s nature in me. They are abstracted and isolated forms, their natural forms. This thus has widened my horizons of nature and seascapes.

Texture is a significant element in my work. It has to be there as it supports hold the character of form and emotions of that moment in which the painting done. Not necessarily but conditionally. This is arrived as the necessity to achieve the desired emotions. This helps me paint many views, emotions and dimensions in a single painting.

The beauty of nature has always inspired my heart. Nature emanates a secret language in me, and I sincerely try to decipher it through my Art. My strokes become vehicle like words to poetry. In this process the unseen unimagined shapes comes on my canvas.