I'm currently practicing art in Delhi. My work based on the wide range of media and process. My work mainly focus on issues of cultural identity and memories of rural life, and due to this lockdown, I got this opportunity to observe these issues more closely. As I belong to a peasant family, my childhood was spent in the village, where I witnessed the aroma of the soil, cherish faces of the villagers and the flora and fauna. But due to the industrialization and speedy lifestyle, things have changed a lot, as the rural have lost their identity.

Farmers are moving away from organic farming to chemical based farming, which includes fertilizers, pesticides and many harmful chemicals and leads to the deterioration of flora and fauna. The fragrance of the village lifestyle is fading rapidly. They all are focused on the urban lifestyle, I feel, after some decades we have totally lost our rural identities. To deliver my vision to my work I use my ancestor’s leftover tools of farming and other miscellaneous objects.

View Nishchay’s artwork in the ‘Art & Human Rights’ Emerging International Artists Exhibition