My art process includes collecting various found objects that attract me and which I believe itself has some emotion to convey through its form similar to humans, such as bottles, plates etc. Later I study those objects and make numerous small abstract figures evoking emotions and feelings conveyed by them. Finally these sculpted figures are arranged in an old wooden shelf which itself is collected from discarded waste.
During my entire art practice, figurative sculpture has always been my focus of interest because I believe it’s powerful enough to reflect the emotions and feelings of working class people around which my works revolve. In this particular work titled, “In the morning”, I portrayed my mother performing her daily chores of cooking for the entire family in the early morning before leaving for job. While cleaning the fish she is surrounded by cats, dogs and crows which was a regular visual in my life. I tried to to bring all her emotions, rush and care for family into a sculptural form by using terracotta as a medium. While working with terracotta I used to complete the firing process using varieties of firewood. It helps me to get various colours to the final product. This experiment is continuing since a couple of years which is also very keen process.