India has its cultural existence from a long time and due to its diversity, each region has its own ritualistic values, but the most of these values come from the same source, Vedic culture. These practices were constructed according to the society of that time and had much logical/practicality in them. But now we live in 21st century and those practices have now completely become rudimentary. These practices don’t belong in this time, they have failed a long back but we are still continuing them till now.

I was born and brought up in Rajasthan. People in Rajasthan look similar, overall there is a similar appearance in every individual, like long height, mindset, facial structure, hair growth etc. This is because in India we all belong to some or other community and we marry with a partner who belongs to the same community (Soni marring a Soni). Due to this there are not many genetical changes. It has been carried through generations and it must go on and on. For example many decades earlier the cast system was organized according to the occupation of people, like Soni= Swarnkar which means goldsmith workers, so a Soni boy was married to a Soni woman because when a girl leaves her family and moves to the boy's house there would be a similar environment and mindset in both houses. But in today time individuals can't be characterized on the basis of their occupation because there is no certainty in the field of occupation and not even on the basis of his or her cast.

Marriage is not just a single practice, it is a combination of multiple ritualistic events. So I fragmented those multiple events and focused on them individually. For example 'She Will Carry It Until He Dies': in the Hindu community there are various symbols from which one can say if someone is married or not, but in most cases it is visible only in women. The practice of the luck is one of the practices which a woman carries until her husband's death, but before marriage and after the death of her husband there is no existence of such thing where a woman put "sindoor" in her hair. The existence of such practice remains illogical as the husband does not have to do such things. I work on such issues or practices which are now rudimentary in our society and practices which I have experienced living in my community.